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Results from

the Abela McPhedran Memorial

in Aylmer, ON January 18&19, 2014

Ruby Wall                  4th     Pre Preliminary Ladies

Olivia Browne           2nd     Pre Preliminary Ladies                  Jillian Weaver           2nd     Senior Silver Ladies          Nicole Frowley          3rd     Preliminary Ladies

Abby Hunt                 8th     Pre Preliminary Ladies          

Brianna Schipper      4th    Junior Silver Ladies

Isabella Signorelli     6th    Junior Bronze Ladies

Sydney Cusson        2nd   Gold Ladies

Olivia Faddoul          3rd    Preliminary Ladies

Jenna Riddell           5th    Junior Bronze Ladies

Jenna Riddell           7th    Silver Interpretive

Rachel Marcotte       4th     Pre Preliminary  Ladies

Erika Boismier          5th    Pre Preliminary  Ladies

Rebecca Ryan          6th     Silver Ladies         

Allison Boismier       8th    Preliminary Ladies

Sarah Szpak             5th    Gold Interpretive

Makayla McKibbin    5th    Preliminary Ladies


Spring Skate

12 weeks -Wednesdays  5:45 - 6:35pm

  April 9th - June 25th 2014

Upcoming Registration Dates

March 29th  11am - 1pm

Canskate Fee: $170 + $35 Skate Canada fee

(Skate Canada fee waived if you skated Fall 2013 or Winter 2014 in a Skate Canada program)

All of our programs are taught by Skate Canada certified professional coaches with the assistance of trained Program Assistants (PA’s).  Skate LaSalle is a Skate Canada sanctioned club offering their CanSkate learn to skate program.

STARSkate Spring Skate

Pre-STARSkate(12 weeks)

Skaters must have a private coach and must have passed the complete badge 3 and wear figure skates.

Monday 6:30-7:20pm

Thursday 4:30-5:20pm

One day-Monday or Thursday only                             $105

Two days-Monday and Thursday                                $190

Two days-Mon. or Thurs. and STARSkate 1 Wed*    $225

*Must meet special conditions to register

Three Days/week                                                        $305

STARSkate 1  (12 weeks)

Skaters must have passed 1 of the following 3:  the complete Preliminary Dances (Dutch Waltz, Baby Blues, and Canasta), Preliminary Skills, the complete Preliminary Freeskate (elements and solo).

Monday 5:30 - 6:30

Wednesday 4:30 - 5:45 (some preSTAR skaters may be in this session)

Thursday 4:30 - 5:35

Monday or Thursday only                                            $115

Wednesday only                                                          $145

Monday and Thursday (2days)                                    $210

Monday or Thursday and Wednesday (2days)            $235

Three Days                                                                  $320

STARSkate 2  (12 weeks)

Skaters must have passed 2 of the following 3:  Senior Bronze Freeskate, Senior Bronze Skills, Senior Bronze Dances. (MUST have Junior Bronze Freeskate if the later 2).

Monday 4:00 - 5:20

Wednesday 6:45 - 8:20

Thursday 5:45 - 7:20

Monday or Thursday                                                    $155

Wednesday                                                                  $185

Monday and Thursday                                                 $280

Monday or Thursday and Wednesday                         $305

Three Days                                                                   $420

Spring Session FormHOME_files/Spring%202014%20Reg%20Form%20after%20meeting%20v2-1.pdf

Carnival 2014

Around the World

April 4, 2014

Schedule & INFORMATION posted on carnival page